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Writer's Block: Little Women

Posted on 2008.11.29 at 09:05
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Fans of Little Women often divide along Jo/Amy lines. Jo was independent and smart, but Amy always seemed to get what she wanted and have more fun. Are you in the Jo camp or the Amy camp?
Perhaps I'm merely following the lead of Louisa May Alcott, but my loyalties lie with the main protagonist, Jo.  Jo is creative, adventurous, and cares deeply about those around her.  She knows her faults and tries to improve them in a way that seems much healthier than than the attitude we have about our imperfections these days.  Of course, I have to consider the fact that I've never forgiven Amy for setting Jo's manuscript on fire.   Never ever.  In fact, I still have an initial twinge of dislike when I see Kirsten Dunst in pictures or movies, just because she played the young Amy in the film version of Little Women.  

Who knows, maybe I would have been an Amy fan if she had been the main character.


the absentminded professee
orangeblossom17 at 2008-11-29 17:28 (UTC) (Link)
I might add that as much as I love Jo, I'm most like Meg.
seluhasp at 2011-04-12 21:01 (UTC) (Link)
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