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My ever evolving life

Posted on 2008.06.30 at 08:45
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It's strange, the way I've changed in the past year. I'm doing all sorts of things I never imagined doing, and I've had to adjust the way I think. That sounds so vague. I'll try to explain. Perhaps using lists would work.

Things I am doing that I never expected to do

  • Participating in a CSA (community supported agriculture), receiving a lot of vegetables I've never eaten before, cooking the vegetables and even enjoying most of them. :D
  • Practicing elimination communication with my baby, which basically means I try to read her signals for needing to go potty and put her on a potty before she wets her diaper. It's more about the communication between us than the success of "catching the pee", so we're doing pretty well.
  • Preparing (I'm using a lot of P words, aren't I?) to create my first quilt. I never had any interest in quilting before going to a quilt show with my mother in law. Some quilts are truly works of art.
  • Taking the initiative in making friends.  This one may seem silly, but I'm usually one of those people who will only say hi to you if you say hi first.
  • Making my own bread twice a week, thanks to the lovely bread machine we bought while I was pregnant.


Lyra has learned how to crawl and how to pull herself up.  Whenever I'm in the kitchen and put her down in the living room to play with her toys, it's only a matter of time before I see her head poking around the corner.  Sometimes I find it endearing, other times annoying. Still, putting her in a cage isn't my parenting style, so when she demonstrates that she is just trying to be with me and I'm going to be in the kitchen a long time, I put her in her sling or moby wrap.

Also, we introduced her to a few sign language signs about a month ago and have been trying to use them ever since. In the past week or so, I picked up a couple of Signing Time DVDs from the library. They're designed for babies and young children, and Lyra just loves them!  Sometimes when we're hanging out in the living room with the TV off, she'll look at the TV and stretch out her arms and move her fingers.   Alex and I were confused about what that, but I figured it out yesterday when I turned on Signing Time.  As soon as the theme song came on, she started doing it again. It's beyond adorable!  As far as signing goes, I think she's tried to do "milk" but it's hard to tell.



Posted on 2008.05.14 at 15:24
Current Mood: melancholymelancholy
I'm a generally hunky-dory kind of gal, but lately I've been under the weather. It's probably some hormonal imbalance, but when one's feeling down, theorizing about the reasons doesn't seem to help.

But I just remembered the website that never fails to make me chuckle: www.engrish.com
In fact, I'd even venture to say that the worse I feel, the harder I laugh when I visit that site.


A dreamscape not entirely unlike the original

Posted on 2008.02.20 at 07:05
Current Mood: pensivepensive
And yet, not at all like the real life version.

I woke up from a dream about a Monterey I've been to before, many times. I used to walk down from the Presidio and visit shops and restaurants and cafes with my friends. Many of the places I loved had closed and were taken up by new businesses.

I could be talking about the actual Monterey, as that is certainly the case (oh, my sweet Cafe Ariana, I miss thee). However, the Monterey in my dreams had different streets, a slightly different layout, different stores- even an indoor mall.

It's interesting. I know I've had Places like that in dreams before. They're areas I visit again and again because they have an important place in my memory, but they often barely resemble the ones in the waking world.

Perhaps this is what Marion Zimmer Bradley describes in her Overworld.


Cereal is so delicious

Posted on 2008.01.14 at 21:24
Current Mood: tiredtired
I think cereal is what got me through my pregnancy, nutrition wise. It seems I'm forever trying new ones out. Usually they're mediocre at best. But recently I've found some new cereals that knock my socks off.

1)Cinna Bunnies. They're organic and made by Annie's Homegrown. Sure, it's technically a kids cereal but they're so yummy. The cereal kind of has the texture of puffy cheetos (without the fuzzy exterior) and the taste is a light cinnamon sweetness. Try it! Also, I recommend Annie's white cheddar bunnies. They're like Goldfish but presumably healthier.

2)Kashi Cocoa Beach granola. I only just found it in the grocery store this week and it isn't even on their website yet, but-- YUM! What fantastic granola! The cocoa flavoring reminds me of Coco puffs or Cocoa Krispies, but the cereal has so much more substance. I think the box was supposed to have seven servings but between my husband and I, there were only four. To top it off, one normal sized serving has a whopping 27% of the recommended daily amount of fiber.

Anyone have any cereal recommendations for me?


i feel like i'm in a three way relationship...

Posted on 2008.01.10 at 20:50
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...between me, my baby, and my hair.

I look at her and smile with love, and she gazes at my hair and smiles for two minutes straight.

I talk to her, and she glances at me but goes back to my hair.

She's done wonders for my self esteem regarding my wildly curly mop. Still, I have to wonder if she only loves me for my hair. lol!


using what's already there

Posted on 2007.10.27 at 16:38
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Alex and I were talking over this upcoming week's meals and I was getting overwhelmed about finding enough good recipes to make. Then we considered how much food we already have in our pantry and freezer. Surely it makes more sense to use what we already have than buying hundreds of dollars worth of groceries every month. So this week will be interesting: I'll either make simple meals that don't need recipes or I'll use the ingredient search feature of Allrecipes.com

Then we went and still spent a good amount of money on food at Target. However, it was mostly prepared food and organic cereal and such. The frozen food is for when the little one is born. Most likely the AF's family support group here will bring by meals for us for the first week, but it's good to have a backup.


Interestingly enough, while we were out, we heard about a contract a husband and wife made: no buying new consumer items for an entire year. Food and sundries such as underwear and socks and kitty litter don't count. Anything else they need/want, they would buy used. The radio show didn't say how it panned out, but it's an interesting concept and one that caught our imaginations.

This past month I've been cleaning our house and while we don't have an overwhelming amount of stuff, we have enough. I have fully two-thirds of my clothes put away (as I can't exactly wear them right now), and it's amazing how much I still have to wear. And this is after pruning my wardrobe occasionally and giving away clothes that I no longer need/want.

Here's a link to the story if you're interested: http://marketplace.publicradio.org/display/web/2007/10/26/a_year_without_shopping/

Seeing as Alex and I already have to change the way we spend money due to the fact that there will be one extra family member and one less income, this might not be a bad time to try such a thing.

Of course, we'd make exceptions: birthdays and Christmas and items that should be new for safety reasons (like a new car seat), new jeans and shoes, etc.

Besides, e-bay can be a lot of fun. :)


the worst thing is, some of it was deliberate

Posted on 2007.10.24 at 14:59
Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated
My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you affected by the California wildfires. My sister Melissa (who just had her baby three days ago) and her husband have had to evacuate their house in Camp Pendleton. Fortunately, the firefighters are making some headway so they don't have to leave the area entirely.

Isn't it insane that some of the fires were set by people? I can't imagine how heartless one would be to do such a thing.


music that could have been so much more

Posted on 2007.10.17 at 11:59
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Current Music: Josh Groban- Closer
I love parts of Josh Groban's "When You Say You Love Me." The lyrics are sweet and musically it gives me thrills- up until the point where he starts singing the chorus. The chorus and bridge are awfully cheesy and ruin the song for me.

Are there any songs you feel that way about?


Apparently, Baby likes to boogie

Posted on 2007.10.09 at 13:57
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The other night as I was trying to fall asleep (unsuccessfully due to the non-stop exercise the baby was getting), my husband put his hand on my belly to see what all the fuss was about. After a few moments, he noted that she seemed to be moving in a definite pattern. The rhythm was too quick for hiccups, and far too quick for her to be reacting to the music we had playing (XM's Audio Visions station which is generally new age-y). Then it occured to me to check my pulse.

Sure enough, she was moving to the beat of my heart. :D

Alex and I took a week long vacation and visited my parents and Washington DC and old friends and various extended family members. DC was a pretty awesome experience, as I've only been there a couple of times previously (since babyhood). We sat in a session of the Senate while members debated the SCHIP bill. Unfortunately, it seemed that only the people who were speaking or were about to speak were there. Only a handful of Senators were in the room at any given time during the hour or so that we stayed.

We also visited a few of the Smithsonian museums: Air and Space (which I found somewhat dull- perhaps since I've been to such museums since early childhood), National Museum of the Native American (which is gorgeous, makes quite an impact, and has an excellent cafeteria featuring Native American foods from all over North and South America), and the Museum of Natural History.
A wonderful surprise was the peaceful setting of the National Arboretum, which was beyond beautiful. My favorite place was the Library of Congress. I had no idea it was so beautiful! All of those mosaics and tiled floors and painted ceilings were amazing- not to mention the fact that it's a home for books. :)

Since it was our 3rd anniversary, we celebrated by going to a play at the Shakespeare theater: The Taming of the Shrew. While the production was fantastic, I didn't care much for the story, especially the ending. While Katherine had her flaws, Petruchio was far worse. I'm glad my Alex is nothing like him.

Walking became tiresome after the first few days. So did waiting for the Metro the handful of times it was delayed. I'm glad it was autumn at least- being in my third trimester and walking around day after day would have been hellish during August.

Some other things we did during the trip: Busch Gardens in Williamsburg (what a money machine!), Jamestown Settlement, Dave and Busters with friends (not as much fun when one can't drink), and Medieval Times (good fun!).

I only took pictures of Jamestown and the Arboretum though, because my camera is too large to carry except around the neck and we didn't really want to scream out the fact that we were tourists. I suppose it's time for a new camera. :)


I've finally gotten into the groove of being at home. It's not quite been a month since my last day of work in the Air Force, but I can definitely feel the difference it's made. I'm much more mellow, and ever so much happier. My creativity is beginning to come back and I have the energy to let my nesting phase play out as it will. Cooking is actually fun again (most nights), and I baked peanut butter cookies the other day. They aren't my favorite, but I thought I'd give it a shot as I haven't had them in years and Alex enjoys them.

Speaking of the nesting phase, mine is apparently in full swing. This means my house is a mess, as I'm finally getting around to unpacking boxes that have been in closets since we moved in January. However, the house is feeling much more homey, since we're finally hanging things on the walls. I have to get the house tidied by Friday though, as Saturday is my baby shower and my house was the only one big enough (and animal-free enough) to comfortably have the party. I expect it will be enjoyable. I miss seeing a lot of my friends on a nearly daily basis. That's the one downfall of not going into work.

ordinary princess

forty weeks without a peep

Posted on 2007.07.30 at 17:43
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but here i am, still in existence.

Gee, Christina, you've been kind of scarce on the internet for quite a while.
Yes. I suppose I have.
But it isn't just the internet. I don't exchange e-mails but once in a blue moon, I created a myspace account but don't care much for it and so only log in once every couple of months, and I rarely talk on the phone except to family.

It's odd, how little I've felt like even talking.

It's odd, how much I've distanced myself from nearly everything I once loved to do.

Surely everyone goes through these periods of cocooning. Sometimes people change gradually, but other times it's bigger process.

I don't know.

It's only fitting that I should begin unfurling as my life itself changes drastically.
In September I'll be leaving the Air Force.
In November, I'll be welcoming a new life to this chaotic, beautiful, ugly world.
Maybe we'll be able to move from this still-alien city in the next year. God willing.

Given the nature of 2D ultrasounds, we are expecting a little girl, but cannot be completely sure. And we've only just begun to seriously narrow down names.

Ah, here comes the thunder. Even if there are rarely rainbows in this place, there are some fantastic thunderstorms.

I'm sure there are other things I wanted to write. I think I'm getting a glimpse of what old age will be like, with the pregnancy forgetfulness added to my already absent-minded nature. At least Alex takes it well.

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