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12 March
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Somewhat intense/obsessive when it comes to interests- music, infatuations, books, movies, hobbies, the internet in general.

Fandoms- Hovering in the edges of Harry Potter. Rather sucked into a game rather than a fandom now - World of Warcraft

Weird sense of humor. How else could one survive in such a world?
80's cartoons, anime, arabic, arias, attachment parenting, autumn leaves, baking, beauty, books, breastfeeding, c.s. lewis, california, candy, cathy, celtic music, children's literature, choir, christmas, classical music, cloudy days, coldplay, comic strips, computers, cooking, cowboy bebop, crafting, crayola crayons, creativity, cs lewis, csas, cupid and psyche, curly hair, daria, dark chocolate, darkover, dave barry, daydreaming, debate, dictionaries, disney movies, dli, doodling, enya, faerie, fairytales, family, fan fiction, fanfic, fantasy, fiction, foxtrot, friends, game shows, games, giraffes, god, google, google whacking, graphic design, happily ever after, harry potter, hfud, history, holidays, homeschooling, honey and clover, hope, hugs, ice cream, imagination, internet, jars of clay, josh groban, lactivism, languages, laughing, learning, libraries, lip gloss, logic puzzles, lyrics, madeline l'engle, mail, message boards, minor chords, mothering, much ado about nothing, muses, music, musical theater, neopets, newsboys, no doubt, notebooks, nsync, ocean, old school nickelodeon, olympics, optimism, orange blossom, peanuts, photography, popeye, prose poetry, rainbows, reading, reading rainbow, robin mckinley, romance, romantic comedies, security blankets, sesame street, singing, soundtracks, spring green, strongbad emails, stuffed animals, sunshine, sweaters, swingsets, switchfoot, the blue sword, the neverending story, the ordinary princess, the princess bride, thesauruses, thinking, traveling, trees, unconditional love, usaf, water, whimsy, words, world of warcraft, writing, zed, zits comic

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